The Difference is in the Name

A “No Surprises” approach

Buying used and/or reconditioned electric motors can be risky. Surplus electric motors come from all kinds of sources, and for a variety of reasons. Since there are no industry standards in place to ensure that buyers are always getting the highest quality and most dependable electric motors, Romanoff Industries has developed a comprehensive testing protocol to guarantee that we are not putting flawed electric motors back on the market.

At Romanoff Industries, we have processes in place to protect you from unexpected surprises. If we find defects while testing and/or inspecting the electric motors, or if an electric motor does not have its original manufacturer’s nameplate, we will let you know immediately, and prior to shipment.

Finally, if the only way to solve your problem is by modifying or re-designing an electric motor, we will let you know what your options are upfront, and what we can do to provide you with the right electric motor solution. Remember, we’re committed to no surprises for our customers.