The Difference is in the Name

Multi-Speed Motors

Multi-Speed motors are AC motors that can run at two or more speeds. The most common multi-speed motor utilizes one winding that can be connected for two different speeds. The leads on one winding, two speed motors have 6 leads and are numbered 1-6. Multi-Speed motors can also have two separate windings. Multi-Speed motors with two windings have 6 leads and are numbered 1-3, 11-13. It is also possible to have Multi-Speed motors that operate at 3 or 4 speeds. Both require a two winding configuration. Multi-Speed motors are commonly used in mixer, crane, and cooling tower pump applications. Multi-Speed motors are being obsoleted by variable frequency drives. Multi-Speed motors are made by most manufacturers including: Allis-Chalmers, Baldor Electric, General Electric, Lincoln Electric, Leeson Electric, Louis-Allis Electric, Marathon Electric, Reliance Electric, Siemens, Siemens-Allis, Teco/Westinghouse Electric, US Electric, and Westinghouse Electric.