The Difference is in the Name

300 HP 1150 RPM General Electric DC Motor 508AY – Why Buy from Romanoff Industries?

Many printing companies use industrial electric motors like a 300 HP 1150 RPM General Electric DC Motor 508AY. However, finding a direct current motor with this kind of frame is not easy. In fact, when you search the GE Power Conversion website, you do not find it. However, you can buy motors like these from Romanoff Industries and here are some important reasons to choose us.

No Surprises

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a reconditioned or used motor and then discovering it has big problems. This can happen when you go to just any company offering motors like the 300 HP 1150 RPM General Electric DC Motor 508AY. In fact, suppliers have no set reconditioning standards to follow so what can you do?

Come to Romanoff Industries for your motors. Our testing and reconditioning procedures are complete, and we do not put bad motors back into service. If a motor has any problems, we know about it, and we inform the customer before it gets shipped. We let you know if we can fix it or not.


Time is money, and you should not have to wait long for your motors. We have three locations across the US. This gives you faster shipping times no matter where you are. We also have a huge inventory, and it is one of the biggest in North America.

We Set High Standards

Even though there are no set standards for reconditioning motors like the 300 HP 1150 RPM General Electric DC Motor 508AY, we hold our people to the highest standards to give you maximum quality and dependability. For example, we megger test the armature, brush rigging, field coils, and interpoles. Every reconditioned motor gets disassembled and test run, and we have an entire list of checks to perform. To see what we can do for you, call us toll-free today at 1-800-366-8778.