The Difference is in the Name

Romanoff Industries Offers Three Ways to Save Money on Electric Motors

Many industrial applications depend on equipment like the General Electric DC motor 506AY and AC motors too. In fact, electric motors are the backbone of a wide variety of processing and manufacturing companies today. If you have a motor problem, you cannot wait a long time for a replacement, and you should have a backup on hand. But how can you afford to keep expensive motors in stock? Here are three ways Romanoff Industries helps you get the motors you need at affordable prices.

1. Electrically O.K. Motors

If you go to just any source for a used General Electric DC motor 506AY, you may have no idea what kind of condition it is in. In fact, many companies offer used motors in “as is” condition and this means they could have thousands of hours of service left or maybe just a few. Yet, when you choose a trusted source like Romanoff Industries, you know the motors you buy are extensively tested. General Electric DC Motor 506AY

2. Reconditioned

Not all reconditioned General Electric DC motor 506AY motors are the same. You can save a lot of money on rebuilt motors, but it is vital to understand the rebuilding process. Remanufacturing may include cleaning and painting or disassembly and extensive testing procedures. This is the reason our customers come to us with confidence. At Romanoff Industries, they know they are getting high-quality motors with a lot of life left in them.

3. New Surplus

Romanoff Industries buys industrial motors from surplus sources. Some of these motors are new, and you can get some great prices on them. Why pay the high price of a new motor when you may not have to? To talk to your motor professionals at Romanoff Industries, call us today at 1-800-366-8778. Let us take care of your electric motor needs in the most cost-effective manner.