The Difference is in the Name

Romanoff Industries Offers DC Generators at Affordable Prices

In many industries today, equipment like the Reliance DC Motor LC4013ATZ offers several advantages. However, since most industrial power sources come from three phase AC transformers, how can you get reliable DC power? One source for your DC electricity is a generator. Here is a look at how DC generators work and how Romanoff Industries helps you meet your power needs.

Different from AC

An AC generator creates current which changes polarity 60 times per second. This makes long distance power transmission possible. AC current is easier to change into a wide range of voltages. For example, a typical manufacturing facility may require very high or low voltages, and they use electrical AC transformers from a trusted source like Romanoff Industries.

DC generators create a constant source of power. They are typically used for a specific application like powering a Reliance DC Motor LC4013ATZ. It is not easy to lower or raise voltages like you can with AC transformers. However, DC power is perfect when you need the ability to stop-start-and reverse easily.


Direct current generators have kilowatts, voltage, and RPM ratings. A typical DC generator may run at 1200 rpm’s and produce as much as 480 kilowatts of DC power at 500 volts. Yet, new generators are very expensive, and Romanoff Industries can get you the best prices on remanufactured and surplus equipment.

Wiring Tip

If you are running a Reliance DC Motor LC4013ATZ you should consider placing the DC generator as close as possible to your motor. DC power is not meant for long distance transmission like AC power. One should not try to run DC power for more than one hundred feet.

When you need generators, motors, transformers, or gear reducers, come to Romanoff Industries. We are here to handle your needs, and you can call us today at 1-800-366-8778 for solutions to your equipment issues.