The Difference is in the Name

Industrial DC Electric Motors from Romanoff Industries

When you think of electric motors in industrial applications, you may think about three-phase universal induction motors running on alternating current. However, there are many places where AC motors cannot handle the task and equipment like the General Electric DC Motor 504AY from Romanoff Industries. Here are some advantages of turning to DC powered motors from one of the most trusted sources.

AC and DC Motors – What is the Difference?

A DC motor (like a General Electric DC motor 504AY from Romanoff Industries) uses current which always flows from negative to positive, and you receive a steady flow of electricity. How is this different from AC power? AC means alternating current, and it alternates between negative and positive 60 times per second for 60 cycle power.

60 cycle current creates a pulse which always seeks a grounded source. You do not have positive and negative terminals. They are actually hot, grounded, and grounding terminals. Power normally flows from hot to ground, and a grounding circuit does not normally carry current. It prevents electrical shock by grounding metal components. 60 cycle AC power is the standard in the US, and you see it in industrial and residential applications.

Why Choose DC Motors?

When you need effective speed control, DC power is superior. It gives you a great deal of starting torque too. Operation is easy as you can stop and reverse DC motors with little lag time

Where Can You Get Great Deals on DC Motors?

Your motor experts at Romanoff Industries can answer all your DC motor questions and help you find the best deal on a DC motor like the General Electric DC motor 504AY. To find out how you can take care of your electrical equipment needs in the most cost-effective manner, call Romanoff Industries today at 1-800-366-8778.