The Difference is in the Name

Why Buy Used Motors from Romanoff Industries?

If you want a good Reliance DC motor MC3612ATZ at an affordable price, where can you go? You might turn to the World Wide Web and check out some online auctions or maybe a used equipment supplier. However, you have no idea what you get because you do not know a used motor’s condition. This is the reason many companies turn to Romanoff Industries. You can trust us to deliver a motor in good condition, and we stand behind our equipment.

What Happens When You Choose Romanoff Industries?

Depending on your needs, we may have a used Reliance DC motor MC3612ATZ in EOK condition or MOK condition. Here is a brief explanation.


An EOK motor is “electrically OK.” We test and inspect these motors thoroughly. However, even if the motor is in EOK condition the sale is based on your approval. If you receive a motor from Romanoff Industries and it is not what you expect or need, we take care of the arrangements and make it right. Electrically OK motors should go through a reconditioning process before you put them into service.


If you purchase a MOK (mechanically OK) motor from Romanoff Industries, it will have all its parts, and everything will be in working condition. You should not have to do a lot of work on it. However, the bearings come to you in “as is” condition. Yet, the motor is guaranteed to rotate and turn freely.


We can completely refurbish your electric DC and AC motors. Whether you want used or refurbished equipment like a Reliance DC Motor MC3612ATZ, check out all the good things Romanoff Industries has to offer. For answers to your questions and information on the products we have to offer, give us a call at 1-800-366-8778 today.