The Difference is in the Name

Romanoff Industries – Your York Chiller Motor Source

Are you looking for a good deal on a York chiller motor? This kind of equipment is expensive, especially if you buy it new. However, you can get some affordable industrial motors from Romanoff Industries when you opt for refurbished equipment. Why come to us for these motors? Here are several good reasons why.

Reconditioning Standards

Suppose you need a York chiller motor. Some companies do little more than a quick test, cleanup, and new paint when they rebuild motors. How can they get away with this? Because there are no industry standards set for rebuilding industrial motors. But you do not have to worry about this kind of rebuild when you choose Romanoff Industries.

Our motors undergo extensive testing. We test the motor windings with a Baker Surge Tester. We perform a Hy-Pot, Surge, and PI Test. Each motor gets disassembled, and the parts go through a steam cleaning and baking process. We repair worn bearing journals and shafts and make sure each motor is in good running condition.


Whether you buy an Electrically O.K. or refurbished York chiller motor, you want the best possible warranty you can get. We offer electrically OK used motors, that are subject to your testing and approval.

Our reconditioned motors come with a warranty up to 1 year from the time you receive it. We reimburse freight charges for returned motors still under warranty.

We Are There for You

Romanoff Industries carries one the largest inventories of surplus and used motors on the North American continent. We have 3 locations across the US, so we can get your motors to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you have issues or questions, our customer support is there 24/7. Call us toll-free today at 1-800-366-8778 to discuss your industrial motor needs. We also supply transformers, AC motors, and gear reducers.