The Difference is in the Name

Why A Romanoff Industries Reconditioned DC Motor Is A Good Investment

Making the best choice in all types of equipment for systems, operations and equipment is always important. When it comes to industrial electric motors, Romanoff Industries is here to make sure you get the right motor for the job.

Unlike some companies, we focus on our customers and providing the best in DC motor models. With our ability to buy surplus motors, provide full reconditioning and then resell the motors, we have a top inventory of both commonly used electric motors as well as those that are harder to find.

There are several important reasons to turn to Romanoff Industries when you need a replacement DC motor, and a quick review of the benefits of working with our company makes it easy to see why we have the reputation as the top AC and DC motor reconditioning company in the country.

Low Cost, High Quality

There are other places to buy reconditioned motors. However, we are one of the few companies to develop a specific, point-by-point certification standard for all the reconditioned motors we sell.

This ensures our customers know that the motor if sold as reconditioned, is in top working order. We also use a quality control focused testing protocol with each motor, which provides us with the assurance the motors we offer are fully functional and exactly as described when they arrive at our customers.

Short Turnaround Times

Other companies selling surplus, used or reconditioned electric motors have one location, which means that buyers out of that location are waiting longer for orders and paying more for delivery services.

Romanoff Industries has three different locations across the USA. We choose the closest location to you for shipping, helping you to save downtime and money.

Finally, we offer a complete 365 day a year 24 hour a day customer support service. This includes the ability to order a replacement motor anytime you need, allowing us to get you back and up running days before you may have expected.

To find out more about the Romanoff Industries difference in AC and DC surplus, used and reconditioned motors, call us today at 800-366-8778.