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Electric Motor Maintenance Checklist

Electric motors that are maintained can provide reliable service for many years. It is important to have an electric motor maintenance checklist as part of a preventive maintenance program to ensure the reliable operation of your motors over the long term. At Romanoff Industries, we provide a large selection of electric motors and other related equipment for a wide range of customers.

With the checklist, viewing your employees can keep track of what needs evaluated, corrected, or replaced. These checklists can include maintenance tasks involving lubrication, cleaning, inspections, and testing in order to ensure proper and efficient motor operation on a continual basis.

Brush and Commutators

Checking the brushes and commutators of an electric motor for wear and tear is important. These elements will not work properly if they are excessively worn – and if they are, they should be replaced immediately. Your electric motor maintenance checklist should also include inspection of the motor mount, stator, rotor, and belts.


Bearing failure is a common cause of electric motor failure. The bearings must be inspected for various problems including where, insufficient lubrication, excessive loading, hot motor, harsh external environments, or replacement of the wrong bearing type.

Vibration Tests

Excessive vibrations can lead to metal part fatigue or failure of the windings. These vibrations are difficult to detect by hand, but they can shorten the life of your electric motor significantly. Excessive vibration can result from excessive belt tension, misalignments, improper balance, or defective sleeve.

Perform Routine Lubrication

It is important to have your motor lubricated on a routine basis per the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are operating the motor in a poor environment, the oil should be changed once a month at a minimum.

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