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Differentiating Between AC and DC Electric Motors for Industrial Applications

AC and DC electric motors provide the power supply required for different industrial applications. Although the DC motor was designed from the AC motor, significant differences exist between the two. These differences affect the application of equipment and overall performance. It is important for customers purchasing these motors to understand the differences between DC and AC motor options before applying either to a specific application. At Romanoff Industries, we offer a wide array of electric motors and other electric related devices to help fulfill the applications and project requirements of our customers.


What You Need to Know Before Buying Surplus Electrical Equipment Online

Numerous companies purchase and sell used machinery on a routine basis, particularly when they have equipment they don’t need anymore. Small and medium size businesses are able to procure these normally expensive items at affordable prices. As well, they can improve their cash flow and reduce overhead when they sell surplus equipment. Our selection of electric motors and other electrical related equipment at Romanoff Industries is extensive.


Factors to Consider When You Buy an Electric Motor

When evaluating electric motors or gear motors for your specific application, there are various requirements to consider, including power, torque, speed, and voltage. At Romanoff Industries, we offer a vast selection of electric motors to meet the specific requirements of various applications.

Below are a number of factors worth considering before finalizing a purchase of an electric motor.