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Factors to Consider When You Buy an Electric Motor

When evaluating electric motors or gear motors for your specific application, there are various requirements to consider, including power, torque, speed, and voltage. At Romanoff Industries, we offer a vast selection of electric motors to meet the specific requirements of various applications.

Below are a number of factors worth considering before finalizing a purchase of an electric motor.


Is your product to be run on batteries, or will you need access to a wall outlet? If you have a wall outlet available, do you require industrial 230+ volts or standard 115 volts?


Is there a particular speed range at which you must have the motor operate? If adjustable or exact speeds are an important requirement, you may need to supply control for the motor.


Is the quantity of power your application requires equal to the power it is consuming? The required specifications may depend on whether you were running power or maximum power.


How much starting torque does your application require? Does the torque level requirement change throughout the course of the motor’s operation?

Duty Cycle

Knowing the duty cycle of your motor is important. The size of the motor you require may depend on whether your application runs continuously (enabling your motor to reach its full operating temperature) or in short bursts (allowing the motor to cool down completely between cycles). Motors that run continuously rather than intermittently but with the same speed and torque may require a larger motor.

Life Cycle

What is the required lifespan of your product? Intermittently run applications may work just fine with the shorter lifecycle and more substantial maintenance requirements of universal in DC motors. Continuously running applications (i.e. for thousands of hours without maintenance) may require an AC or Brushless DC motor that has a significantly longer service life.

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