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What You Need to Know Before Buying Surplus Electrical Equipment Online

Numerous companies purchase and sell used machinery on a routine basis, particularly when they have equipment they don’t need anymore. Small and medium size businesses are able to procure these normally expensive items at affordable prices. As well, they can improve their cash flow and reduce overhead when they sell surplus equipment. Our selection of electric motors and other electrical related equipment at Romanoff Industries is extensive.

Some important factors to consider when purchasing surplus electrical equipment include:

Input/Output Voltage Ratings

When you purchase an electrical piece of equipment, knowing the overall voltage rating is important including the power source you are using. This information is crucial in determining whether the equipment is suitable and safe for the particular application.

Other Safety Concerns

Electrical device safety is dependent on various factors. These include location, current ratings, breaking capacity, environment where they are installed in use, and temperature. Proper design, setup, maintenance, and construction make a significant difference also and should be taken into account when purchasing any surplus electrical equipment online.

Quality Assurance

Prior to purchasing any electrical devices or equipment, it is important to check whether the equipment has been tested for performance, long-term functionality, and very importantly, health and safety. The seller should provide you with proof of quality assurance and compliance, including an ISO certification and information whether spare components and parts for the equipment are easily and readily obtainable if they are needed.

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