The Difference is in the Name

Differentiating Between AC and DC Electric Motors for Industrial Applications

AC and DC electric motors provide the power supply required for different industrial applications. Although the DC motor was designed from the AC motor, significant differences exist between the two. These differences affect the application of equipment and overall performance. It is important for customers purchasing these motors to understand the differences between DC and AC motor options before applying either to a specific application. At Romanoff Industries, we offer a wide array of electric motors and other electric related devices to help fulfill the applications and project requirements of our customers.

Below is a review of the various features of DC and AC motors:

DC Motors vs. AC Motors

Let us look at some of the differences between the two:

  • DC motors use direct currents, while AC motors utilize alternating currents
  • The constant energy flow from DC motors makes them highly suitable for applications that require stable operations, torques, and speeds. On the other hand, residential and industrial applications are best served by AC motors with their continuous energy changes.
  • DC motors are fed power from batteries or cells which deliver constant voltage, allowing the single direction flow of electrons. AC motors receive power from AC generators which cause electrons to change their direction of flow.
  • DC motors are preferable for paper machines and steel mill rolling equipment. AC motors are preferable for irrigation pumps, air conditioning compressors, hydraulic equipment, and compressor power drives.

After reviewing the above information, it is evident that the key factors to consider for DC and AC motors are the level of power control and the power sources. It is important to talk to a professional who understands these motors in their various applications when you are in the process of evaluating and choosing a motor.

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