The Difference is in the Name

The Most Important Aspects When Choosing AC Or DC Motors

In most types of commercial and industrial applications, DC motors are the preferred option. However, based on the specifics of the job, an AC motor may be the optimal choice for several different reasons.

Whether you are in the market for an industrial or commercial AC or DC motor, there are some important aspects to consider when making a selection. A good place to start is by contacting our team at Romanoff Industries to discuss the specific parameters of the motor and to get an understanding of our recommendations in motors for the job.

The Type of Application

The type of application is directly related to the type of motor required based on the type of load. The motor load can include any variable or constant horsepower and torque, variable horsepower and torque or positional control or torque control. In applications where the load does not change, constant torque is important.

Constant horsepower is best when the speed of the equipment stays constant but the load changes, as rewinding equipment. Variable with both torque and horsepower is used for centrifugal pumps for optimal performance.

Motor Capacity

The size of the motor, including RPM and horsepower ratings is also a key factor. Motors that are undersized or oversized for the application are not efficient, and they are also not cost effective to operate.

Environmental Considerations

All motors are rated for use in specific types of environments. This includes temperature, hazardous gases or dust, exposure to debris and exposure to water. Various enclosures on motors can be used to provide specific types of protection.

There are other factors that can come into play as well. If you need a specific motor, we have them all! Give us a call at 800-366-8778 and we would be happy to help out.