The Difference is in the Name

Introduction To DC Motors

In most industrial types of applications, including the operation of equipment, machines, and systems in production operations, processing plants and in any type of machining, textile, pulp, and paper or another similar type of operation, electric motors are used as the source of power.

These motors are most often DC motors, which means they operate on direct current and not alternating current (AC). There are several advantages to using DC over AC motors, and new innovation and technology continue to advance the durability, reliability, and power these motors can produce.

Efficient Control

One of the most important advantages of the DC motor is the ability to control the acceleration and the slow down of the rotation, resulting in precise and rapid speed control and adjustment of the motor. In equipment and systems, this is a critical factor to consider.

The use of the DC motor is also a good option when constant torque is required for the application, and where long duty cycles and the ability to work in challenging environments is important.
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