The Difference is in the Name

When is It Advisable to Choose Direct Current Motors?

At Romanoff Industries, we provide an extensive array of electric motors – both AC and DC – in addition to other electrical related devices to help our customers meet various application and project requirements.

Reasons DC Motors Are Often Chosen

DC motors are often chosen in lieu of AC motors for a range of different reasons. These include:

  • Large installed base
  • Lower cost than AC motors
  • Easily modified motor speed
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • Efficient, simple design
  • Full torque available at zero speed
  • Smaller drives and converters
  • Less inertia
  • Higher motor power density than AC motors

DC motors and controllers are often the affordable option when compared to AC motors (inverter-duty) and drives. This holds true in particular for fractional horsepower applications.

DC motors initially came on the scene nearly 150 years ago. It is often faster, easier, and less expensive for existing installations to replace a DC motor of the instead of redesigning the motor circuit to accommodate an AC motor and drive.

In the same way, the non-complex design of DC motors makes maintenance, service, and control easy to understand and support. With DC motors, field excitation is not necessary and motor service and brush replacement or understood by the standard industrial electrician. The speed control of these motors is also simple. Often simply a local potentiometer and adjustment to the terminal voltage is made to control the speed.

DC motors were the optimum choice for variable speed control until the variable frequency drive was completely developed in the late 1980s. The DC motor continues to remain as a highly viable and supported option.

DC Motor Applications

DC motors are ideal for various applications, including turntables, conveyors, and others in which constant, low-speed, or adjustable speed torque are required. These motors also work effectively in reversing and dynamic braking applications which are used in many types of industrial equipment. Due to their stopping, reversing, quick acceleration, and linear speed torque curve, DC motors are commonly used in many new designs.

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