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Tips for Saving Money and Energy With Your Electric Motor

Electric motors are essential in numerous residential, commercial, and industrial construction applications. However, these units, whether used electric motor or other motor products, must be properly maintained to ensure their efficient and cost saving operation. At Romanoff Industries, we have your needs covered when it comes to process controlled instrumentation that operates under various conditions.

Below are several tips for saving money and energy with your electrical motor.

Learn about Load Types

An electric motor turns electrical power into rotational energy. The energy consumption of an electric motor relies on to main elements – load and speed. Slow motors with full loads consume a greater amount of energy than fast motors with no load. The type of load must be considered in any electric motor energy saving strategy.

Invest in Efficient Motors

It may be important to consider purchasing a high energy electric motor if you have an old electric motor that operates continuously. High efficiency electric motors for sale can help you save money and energy.

Switch Off the Motor

It is important to follow this basic rule of conserving energy in an electric construction project. Regardless of the size of the project, turn off the motor when it is not in use to maximize energy savings as well as minimize wear and tear on the unit.

Design Efficient Systems

It is important to have an electrical system that is designed for high-efficiency operation in which motors only function when needed. Investing in a high-performance electrical system is of little value if the system operates inefficiently.

Install the Right Sized Electric Motors for Sale

A motor reaches its greatest efficiency when it operates at or close to full load conditions. Efficiency drops when the load drops with even some of the highest efficiency models.

The performance of a very large new or used electric motor may be reevaluated, with controllers installed as needed to help conserve energy.

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