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Electrical Transformers and Common Applications

Electricity is obviously a vital part of our everyday lives. Transformers have developed into a key role in the production and distribution of electrical power. At Romanoff Industries, we offer numerous electrical industrial transformers and other electrical pieces of equipment to help fulfill the various requirements of our customers’ applications. We also buy and sell surplus transformers.

The various applications for electrical transformers include:

Starting and Stopping Electricity Flow

Transformers are used to interrupt electrical current and stop the flow of electricity. The devices are commonly used in circuit breakers in which they interact with switch to interrupt electricity flow and prevent potential damage caused by high voltage.

Regulating Alternating Current

All transformers have a single important function. That is to decrease or increase alternating current in an electrical system. By controlling the flow of current, the transformer enhances energy efficiency.

Charging Batteries

During a battery charging process, transformers are used to control the voltage in order to prevent potential damage to battery components. High voltage surges can cause this damage.

Electrochemical Processes

Electroplating utilizes the metal such as zinc, copper, and aluminum. Transformers are used during this process to regulate electrical current that facilitates the chemical reaction involves from start to finish.

Steel Manufacturing

High voltage transformers are used in steel manufacturing plants to deliver various voltage levels for manufacturing processes. Welding and melting steel processes utilize higher currents and the process of cooling utilizes lower currents. Transformers are used to regulate currents, allowing for a range of voltages.

You can count on our team at Romanoff Industries supply you with the electrical transformers you need to fulfill your application requirements. We also provide 24/7/365 customer support and service to help you in every way possible with your electric transformer or motor needs.

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