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What to Look for When Buying a Used Motor

When you are evaluating used electric motors for purchase, there are many factors to consider, including speed, power, torque, and voltage. If you are wondering where to buy used electric motors, at Romanoff Industries, we are your premier source. We offer a large selection of used electric motors and other devices to help you fulfill your operational requirements.

Below are several important factors to consider when reviewing used motors for purchase:

The Type of Motor

First, it is necessary to select the type of motor among three major types. These are:

  • Synchronous motor – DC motor, brushless, and more
  • AC asynchronous motor (single or three-phase)
  • Stepper motor

Type of Application

In order to select the right type of motor among the three mentioned above, it is necessary to know the application that helps determine this choice. An asynchronous motor is ideal if you need to run your motor continuously and with a limited number of gear changes. However, a synchronous motor is essential for dynamic applications. A stepper motor is ideal if your application requires precision positioning. Once you know where to buy electric motors, you can focus your attention on motors available from that source that fit the needs of your application.

Industrial Environment

It is important to account for the industrial environment in which the motor will function when choosing the durability and dimensions of the motor. Various types of motors are ideal for specific environments – for instance, corrosive, damp, high temperature, or explosive. In some harsh environments, motors include reinforced, dirt resistant, shock resistant, and waterproof casings.

Technical Specs and Motor Size

You may need to determine size of the motor and its technical specifications depending on the type of movement the motor needs to produce. In determining the size, it is necessary to know how the motor will be mounted and how much space it will take up. In determining the technical specifications, it is necessary to determine the speed, torque, and power of the motor.

Energy Efficiency

When selecting a motor, energy efficiency has become an important factor to consider. An electric motor that utilizes less energy will translate into lower energy costs.

Where to Buy Used Electric Motors

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