The Difference is in the Name

What is a DC Electric Motor? What Does a DC Electric Motor Do?

Electric motors are connected to the operation of various mechanical products by electronic boards – these products can include everything from home appliances, to drones, to robots, to electric tools of various kinds. DC motors utilize electrical power through direct current (or a modified form of direct current) and convert that power to mechanical rotation. At Romanoff Industries, we provide a wide range of electric motors and other electrical devices to help our customers achieve success in their applications.

Direct current (DC) motors are used widely in today’s industrial environment. Small and medium-sized applications – including everything from automobiles to robotics – often utilize DC motors for different types of operations and functionality.

Types of DC Electric Motors

Three subtypes of DC motors are used today according to the most commonly used industry naming conventions. These are: DC permanent magnet motors, DC brush motors, and DC universal motors.

DC Electric Motor Operation

DC motors utilize magnetic fields that are produced from electric currents to stimulate rotation of a rotor connected with an output shaft. Output speed and torque rely on motor design and electrical input.

The speed of the DC motor can be modified by changing the supply voltage. These motors are available in various voltage levels, with 12 V and 24 V some of the most popular. The advantage of these motors include high starting torque, extensive speed control, linear speed torque curve, fast stopping, starting, acceleration, and reversing, and easy installation.

A DC motor can generate complete torque within its range of operation from zero to base speed. This allows a DC motor to be utilized for constant torque load conditions, such as those with elevators, conveyor belts, ski lifts, mixers, extruders, and cranes. The applications can be stopped at full load but require the application of full torque to generate movement once again.

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