The Difference is in the Name

Your Trusted Electric Motor Resource

A large part of maintaining profitability for certain businesses is making the most efficient use of electrical motor assets or removing them from business inventory if necessary. There is no reason to maintain these motors if you no longer need them. In addition, you can make some money from them instead of just throwing them away. At Romanoff Industries, we can help exchange the electric motors you no longer need into income you can use.

Surplus Electric Motors

Over the course of five decades of providing quality products and services, Romanoff Industries has taken in surplus electric motors from all over the nation and transformed them into fully operating refurbished motors. In addition, as one of the top refurbished electric motor dealers in the continental United States, we consistently help our sellers free up their storage spaces at competitive prices.

We understand time is money when one of your electric motors has failed or you have a project involving electric motors that needs expedited. We have several locations from which we are able to ship, which helps us provide you with faster service. Our extensive inventory includes electric motors in various conditions available for purchase.

We purchase equipment from plants that are either closing or have lines undergoing upgrades. The use motors, transformers, and reducers we purchase were operating in service at the time. In addition to this used equipment, we often have a warehouse full of new spare and reconditioned equipment available for sale. Sometimes we secure equipment for projects that were once approved but then canceled, or equipment that was purchased by accident.

Competitive Prices for Reliable Motors

At Romanoff Industries, we hold ourselves to high reconditioning standards when it comes to the rebuilding of electric motors for sale and the testing procedures they undergo. Our process gives you the confidence that you are getting a quality product with your reconditioned electric motor.

We know that when you lose a motor, it can affect your bottom line significantly due to downtime. Our multiple locations enable us to deliver your product to you quickly. We also offer 24/7 support, making us a highly convenient and efficient option when it comes to a trusted electric motor resource.

To learn more about the electric motors and other related devices we offer a Romanoff Industries, call our team today at 800.366.8778 or email [email protected].