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What is a DC Electric Motor? What Does a DC Electric Motor Do?

Electric motors are connected to the operation of various mechanical products by electronic boards – these products can include everything from home appliances, to drones, to robots, to electric tools of various kinds. DC motors utilize electrical power through direct current (or a modified form of direct current) and convert that power to mechanical rotation. At Romanoff Industries, we provide a wide range of electric motors and other electrical devices to help our customers achieve success in their applications.


Common Specifications for DC Electric Motors

At Romanoff Industries, we are your source for various types of electric motors designed for different investor applications. There are some commonly used specifications that apply with the design of the DC electrical motor. These include: (more…)

Differentiating Between AC and DC Electric Motors for Industrial Applications

AC and DC electric motors provide the power supply required for different industrial applications. Although the DC motor was designed from the AC motor, significant differences exist between the two. These differences affect the application of equipment and overall performance. It is important for customers purchasing these motors to understand the differences between DC and AC motor options before applying either to a specific application. At Romanoff Industries, we offer a wide array of electric motors and other electric related devices to help fulfill the applications and project requirements of our customers.