Romanoff Industries - Your York Chiller Motor Source

York chillers offer an efficient way to cool liquids and air condition large environments. Many of these systems are huge, and they serve a lot of industrial and commercial applications today. Most businesses cannot afford downtime, and if you need a York chiller motor, you do not want to wait a long time for a replacement. In fact, when you choose Romanoff Industries for Electrically O.K., rebuilt, or surplus motors, you enjoy many benefits.

Take Advantage of Our Extensive Inventory

What should you do when your chiller is not working because of the motor? What if you have no spare York chiller motor in stock? You have to order one, and it could take a lot time to get a new motor.

When you do business with Romanoff Industries, you can limit your downtime significantly. For example, there is a good chance we have the motor you need. We stock many quality and rebuilt motors. You save a lot of money, and because we have 3 locations, you get your parts quickly.

For many companies, the price of a new York chiller motor could cost more than your current operating budget can afford. Instead of going in the “red” for repairs, try reconditioned. A good reconditioned motor can last for years. You can afford to keep a spare on hand in case you need it.

By stocking a reconditioned spare motor, you save on taxes because you must pay taxes on inventory and used motors cost much less than new. You have everything to gain when you choose Romanoff Industries as your source for electric motors.