Electrically OK    Mechanically O.K.
Reconditioned and Guaranteed

Electrically OK

Equipment sold “Electrically O.K.” has been thoroughly tested and inspected. Customers are free to test and inspect the equipment upon receipt. All “”EOK” equipment is sold subject to customer’s approval. Should the customer determine that the equipment is not “EOK”, Romanoff will make all freight arrangements for the equipment to be returned. Romanoff Industries, Inc. will make every effort to negotiate a reasonable settlement for unanticipated repairs incurred by the customer. All “EOK” equipment should be reconditioned prior to being put into service.

Mechanically O.K.

All equipment sold “Mechanically O.K.” should be complete with no broken or missing parts. Significant machine work should not be required. Romanoff Industries, Inc. does not guarantee the condition of bearings although the customer can expect the rotating components to turn freely.

Reconditioned and Guaranteed

All equipment sold “Reconditioned and Guaranteed” is covered by a (warranty for up to one year from date of receipt) Should a piece of equipment fail in service, Romanoff Industries, Inc. should be contacted immediately. No work should be performed on the equipment without the consent of Romanoff Industries, Inc.. Unauthorized work on the equipment will void the warranty. Romanoff Industries will make all freight arrangements for the equipment to be returned. All freight charges pertaining to the return will be reimbursed to the customer should the warranty claim be validated. In all warranty situations, Romanoff Industries, Inc. reserves the right to repair the equipment or replace it with comparable goods. Should the repair of the equipment be uneconomical, or a suitable replacement is unavailable, Romanoff Industries, Inc. will refund the purchase price to the customer.