We’re right here when you need us most.

If motors are a vital part of your operations, you know how costly a breakdown is to productivity. Getting a reliable replacement as quickly as possible is essential when production is at stake.

Romanoff Industries specializes in shortening downtime by providing you with an inventory of top quality new, New Surplus and reconditioned motors, motor controls, transformers, circuit breakers, and gear reducers.

You can depend on Romanoff Reconditioned and New Surplus industrial electric motors for like-new performance and money-saving value. Customers have been relying on Romanoff for over 50 years to give them peace of mind and

Quality Comprehensive reconditioning standards second to none
Selection Inventory unsurpassed in size and variety
Convenience Easy to use online motor search at www.romanoffindustries.com
Speed Expedited delivery from 6 locations across the US
Service Helpful, knowledgeable experts
Warranty One year on certified Romanoff Reconditioned equipment

You can count on us in an emergency. Better yet, call us before you have an emergency. We’ll make sure you’re prepared for unexpected breakdowns.

Don’t forget. We also buy surplus equipment, both new and used. We can turn your idle assets into working capital.

Purchasing Motors?

Save up to 50% of the cost of new equipment when buying from Romanoff Industries.

For over 50 Years, Romanoff Industries has focused on operating with integrity. By providing our customers with the high quality equipment at a fair price we have become recognized as a trusted provider of electrical equipment solutions for all industries.

We know that when you have a motor failure or a project that needs to be fast-tracked, time is money. To provide our customers with faster service, we have several locations to ship from. Our inventory is extensive and is available for purchase in a variety of conditions.

Our website offers a variety of tools for you to take advantage of. Our On-Line Catalog is constantly updated with our latest inventory. This is the best way to access our ever-changing inventory.

When buying reconditioned and surplus equipment, Reconditioning Standards and Warranty Policies vary from supplier to supplier. You will find that our standards and policies are second to none.

Check out our Helpful Links and Technical Resources section for information for valuable resources that will help you find information that will make problem solving easier.

Selling Motors

Got Surplus?

Where do your decommissioned electric motors go when you no longer need them?  Do they end up in a scrap dumpster where you get scrap metal pricing for them?  We have a better idea, Call Romanoff Industries.

Instead of scrapping your used or surplus motors, sell them to us.

We’ll pay you more than scrap metal prices. In fact, we will even pay you more than “scrap motor” pricing.

Don’t throw your electric motors in your scrap bin. Let Romanoff Industries turn your “scrap” used and surplus electric motors into working capital instead.

Romanoff Industries is always buying used and surplus electrical equipment. We buy individual pieces or truckload quantities. Turn idle assets into working capital. We will pay top dollar for your equipment and are always willling to buy outright or trade.

Contact Jay Romanoff at (800) 366-8778 or send an email to jrri@romanoffindustries.com to discuss any surplus you have for sale.

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