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To become one of the most trusted resources in the electric motor industry, Romanoff Industries realized many years ago that we needed to be different. Simply being like the rest of our competitors would not provide our customers with the solutions they needed at a price that was fair and competitive. So, how do we do it? It’s simple.

Romanoff Industries – The Difference is in the Name

  • In an industry where no official reconditioning standards exist, we have implemented our own stringent set of certification standards that ensure all of the products we sell are dependable and of the highest quality.
  • We carry one of the largest inventories of used/surplus electric motors in North America.
    With six locations across the United States, we’re closer to our customers so we can serve them more quickly and efficiently than dealers with a single location.
  • We have warranty policies that are thorough and comprehensive.

A Commitment to a “No Surprises” Approach for Our Customers

Buying used and/or reconditioned electrical equipment can be risky. Equipment comes from all kinds of sources, and for a variety of reasons. Since there are no industry standards in place to ensure that buyers are always getting the highest quality and most dependable product, Romanoff Industries has developed a comprehensive testing protocol to guarantee that we are not putting flawed equipment back on the market.

At Romanoff Industries, we have processes in place to protect you from any unexpected surprises. If we find any defects while testing and/or inspecting equipment, or if a piece of equipment does not have its original manufacturer’s nameplate, we will let you know immediately, and prior to shipment.

Finally, if the only way to solve your problem is by modifying or re-designing a piece of equipment, we will let you know what your options are upfront, and what we can do to provide you with the right solution. Remember, we’re committed to no surprises for our customers.

Multiple Locations Save Our Customers Time and Money

With six locations across the United States, Romanoff Industries is able to get our electric motors to our customers anywhere in the country. Best of all, we’ll get it there sooner than most dealers, and for a lower shipping cost.

Only used/surplus electric motor dealer with inventory stored in. Having many locations across the country allows us to get electric motors to our customers in a timely manner and save them money on shipping.

We stock our inventory of motors in the following states:

  • Ohio
  • Louisiana
  • North Carolina
  • Nevada
  • California
  • Oregon

Over 50 Years of Serving Some of the Best in the Business

We take great pride in the customers we have been able to help over the years. These companies represent the best-of-class in their industries, and include:

  • Appleton Paper
  • BP Amoco
  • Bridgestone/Firestone
  • Dow Chemical
  • Fibercorr Mills
  • Eastman Kodak
  • General Electric
  • Georgia Pacific
  • International Paper
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Proctor and Gamble
  • Sealed Air
  • Weyerhaeuser
  • Worthington Steel

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about their experience with Romanoff Industries:

We have always received reliable customer service from Romanoff. They have a great reputation and stand behind their motors. They have always been willing to share their knowledge about motors and motor applications, and respond to our special needs quickly.

Along with this, they have always supplied us with fair and competitive pricing. I’ve been doing business with Romanoff for 10 + years and have always received dependable, high-quality motors, fair prices and reliable service. I appreciate and respect their integrity.”

– Kevin Long, Staff Maintenance Electrical Engineer

“Romanoff has experienced people on staff who know both new and rebuilt motors; they are experts who can guide the buyer towards the best product for the job. They have a large selection of motors in inventory to choose from. Romanoff has become one of my most reliable suppliers, and they stand behind all the products that they sell. Without Romanoff, we would be forced to deal with disreputable dealers and suppliers. With Romanoff, I know I am going to get what I expect, and it will be at a fair price.”

— Scott A. Sanders, Operations Manager
FiberCorr Mills, LLC

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