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Common Specifications for DC Electric Motors

At Romanoff Industries, we are your source for various types of electric motors designed for different investor applications. There are some commonly used specifications that apply with the design of the DC electrical motor. These include: (more…)

Use of AC or DC Motors in Speed Reducers

A type of mechanical speed reduction equipment utilized in automation control systems is the gearbox, also referred to as a speed reducer. At Romanoff Industries, we are your source for various types of electric motors and other electrical equipment designed to fulfill the requirements of various industry applications. (more…)

When is It Advisable to Choose Direct Current Motors?

At Romanoff Industries, we provide an extensive array of electric motors – both AC and DC – in addition to other electrical related devices to help our customers meet various application and project requirements.


Introduction To DC Motors

In most industrial types of applications, including the operation of equipment, machines, and systems in production operations, processing plants and in any type of machining, textile, pulp, and paper or another similar type of operation, electric motors are used as the source of power.


The Most Important Aspects When Choosing AC Or DC Motors

In most types of commercial and industrial applications, DC motors are the preferred option. However, based on the specifics of the job, an AC motor may be the optimal choice for several different reasons.

Whether you are in the market for an industrial or commercial AC or DC motor, there are some important aspects to consider when making a selection. A good place to start is by contacting our team at Romanoff Industries to discuss the specific parameters of the motor and to get an understanding of our recommendations in motors for the job.