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Paper Company Avoids Costly Shut Down

On September 10, 2017, Romanoff Industries received a call from a large paper mill in the SE United States. The company had a critical problem with a 1250 HP Synchronous motor that powered vacuum pumps. Their motor was beginning to show signs of impending failure, and without this motor, the whole plant was down.

Romanoff Industries had acquired a pair of similar motors from a paper mill that shut down a line the previous year.

One of the motors supplied was in service at the mill within one week, and the 2nd motor was purchased as a spare. These motors saved this company thousands of dollars of rush repair costs and downtime.

Another problem solved by Romanoff Industries.

Rubber Company Needed Vintage Motor

A USA-based rubber company needed a critical spare for a 1960’s vintage General Electric DC Motor. This motor is an obsolete design, and the new motor that is presently built has an entirely different footprint. Romanoff Industries was able to supply a motor that is an exact duplicate of the motor they have in service, saving the company thousands of dollars and the trouble of having to retrofit a different motor into the application. Another problem solved by Romanoff Industries, Inc!

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Turn idle electric motors into working capital. A big part of profitability is optimizing your electrical motor assets or eliminating them from inventory. Why pay to store and maintain electric motors you don't need? We can turn those 'disposable' electric motors into 'disposable' income.