We Buy Electric Motors 


Romanoff Industries purchases used and surplus electric motors, transformers, and gear reducers from plants of all sizes and people all over the USA and Canada.

The equipment we buy is from plants that are closing or lines that are being upgraded. The used motors, reducers, and transformers were operating when they were taken out of service. Generally, along with the used equipment we obtain in these instances, there is often a warehouse full of reconditioned and new spare equipment. We sometimes even acquire equipment purchased by accident or for canceled projects before they have even begun.

Do you have electric equipment in your facility that you no longer require? Turn those idle assets into working capital.

Romanoff Industries buys truckload quantities as well as individual pieces. We pay upfront, and we pay all transportation charges.

Do not sell your idle motors, reducers, and transformers to your local scrap company. If they are re-marketable, they are worth far more than scrap.

If you have used or unused surplus electrical equipment, call or email Jay Romanoff or Aaron Liebenthal at 800-366-8778 to discuss the material you have for sale.

We Sell Electric Motors

Save up to 50% on replacement costs

For over 50 Years, Romanoff Industries has focused on operating with integrity. By providing our customers with high-quality electric motors at a fair price, we have become recognized as a trusted provider of electric motor solutions for all industries.

We know that time is money when you have an electric motor failure or an electric motor project that needs to be fast-tracked. We have several locations to ship from to provide our customers with speedy service. Our inventory is extensive and is available for purchase in a variety of conditions.

Check out our Online Catalog to stay updated! It’s the best way to access our ever-changing and growing inventory.

When buying reconditioned and surplus electric motors, reconditioning standards and warranty policies vary from supplier to supplier. You will find that our standards and policies are second to none.