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Used Electrical Motors, Transformers & Gear Reducers Available

With three locations across the United States, Romanoff Industries can get our electric motors to our customers anywhere in the country. Best of all, we’ll get it there sooner than most electric motor dealers and for a lower shipping cost. We carry one of the largest inventories of used/surplus electric motors in North America. Click below to view our real time inventory of motors and related products.

Squirrel Cage Motors 2967 Available

Squirrel Cage Motors are the most common type of electric motor. Single-phase motors are used in residential and light commercial applications. Three-phase motors are used in commercial and industrial applications.

Brake Motors 10 Available

Brake motors are an electric motor with a brake attached to the motor. When the brake is energized, the brake is not engaged. As soon as power to the motor is off, the brake causes the motor to come to an instant stop.

Design D Motors 57 Available

Design D Motors have high starting torque and higher than normal slip characteristics. Slip is the difference between the synchronous speed of the motor and the actual running speed. Design D motors are rated 5-8% Slip or 8-13% Slip. Design D motors are commonly used in punch press and oil pump jack applications.

Gear Motors 4 Available

Gear motors are a gear reducer with an electric motor mounted directly to it. The purpose of a gear motor is to reduce the speed of the motor, through the gearbox, to the speed the application requires. Gear motors come in parallel and right-angle configurations.

Multi Speed Motors 55 Available

Multi-Speed motors are AC motors that can run at two or more speeds. The leads on one winding, two speed motors have 6 leads and are numbered 1-6. Multi-Speed motors can also have two separate windings. Multi-Speed motors with two windings have 6 leads and are numbered 1-3, 11-13. It is also possible to have Multi-Speed motors that operate at 3 or 4 speeds. Both require a two winding configuration. Multi-Speed motors are commonly used in mixer, crane, and cooling tower pump applications.

Slip Ring Motors 51 Available

Slip Ring motors are motors that have a winding in the stator of the motor, like regular motors, and a winding on the rotor, the rotating part of the motor. Slip Ring motors were used in applications where the application required varying the speed of the motor. Slip Ring motors are used on conveyors, cranes, and mixers.

Synchronous Motors 14 Available

Synchronous motors are designed to run exactly at their Synchronous speed with no slip. Synchronous motors have AC windings in the stator and DC windings in the rotor, the rotating part of the motor. Synchronous motors typically are 500 HP and above.

Variable Speed Motors 51 Available

Variable Speed Motors are AC motors that can operate within a range of different speeds. The most common type of Variable Speed Motors have a combination of an AC motor and a DC Clutch. Variable Speed motors are used on punch presses, air handling equipment, mixers, etc.

Vertical Motors 177 Available

Vertical Motors are motors that are vertically oriented, have the letter “P” in the frame size, and are used in all types of pump applications. There are two primary types of vertical motors: Vertical Hollowshaft and Vertical Solid Shaft. Vertical motors are often configured with non-reversing ratchets which allow the motor to be operated in one direction only.

DC Motors 1251 Available

DC Motors operate on Direct Current. The primary advantage to DC motors is speed adjustment and high torque characteristics.

DC Generators 14 Available

A DC generator efficiently converts mechanical energy into DC electricity. The principle of production of dynamically induced electric and magnetic fields (EMF) governs the conversion of this energy. DC electric generators are utilized effectively as boosters, to charge batteries in solar power systems, in welding equipment, and for emergency power in residential and commercial applications.

DC Mill Motors 15 Available

DC Mill Motor are a special class of DC Motor that are built in a clam shell style frame. This type of DC Motors is predominately used in the Steel and Mining Industries. DC Mill motors can be serviced while in place rather than having to be removed from the application to service.

Transformers 35 Available

Transformers are designed to enhance power system safety and efficiency, increasing and reducing voltage levels as required. The applications addressed by these machines cover both the residential and industrial sector, and play a major part of the regulation and distribution of power across long distances. Specific common applications for these devices include commercial establishments, pumping stations, industrial centers, railways, power generation units, and windmills.

Gear Reducers 41 Available

When a rotary machine such as an electric motor requires a reduction in the output speed or an increase in the torque, gears are often used to produce the required result. We offer a wide range of surplus and lightly used gear reducers for sale to meet the needs of your specific industrial applications.